Collection of Tom Sahm

Ken Club One

 This picture was taken by Don Makepeace at the Ken Club. On the left is Dick
Yoern (D) from Hermosa Beach, CA. Kay, was the club photographer and Ruth
was the cigarette girl both were from the Boston area. Ironically Don
Makepeace who took the picture married Kay. The Ken Club was one of our
haunts. The bar tender Tony was from California and "arranged" it so we only
paid for about half of our drinks. It should be noted that Boston "blue
laws" prohibited drinks being dispensed over the bar on Sundays. No Problem
just sit in a both holler out your order and they would bring to you.

Photo 2

 Ken Club-Again. As previously stated this was one of our haunts. The
"arrangement" with the bar tender made it quite attractive. These are my
Buddies that comprised the best Radar Team in the Navy. We shared many
Liberties together and tried to drink all of the alcohol produced (we failed).

Photo 3

 Canal Zone, Panama-- Here's BIG trouble. It wasn't long before we put the
driver in the back seat and took over. After driving on the sidewalks and
terrorizing pedestrians and autos we retired to a local bar. After consuming
too many Milwaukee beers (16% alcohol) we proceeded to get tattooed and in
my case I sobered up with a pierced ear!

Photo 4

 Canal Zone, Panama-Dress Whites, pretty girls, and lots of bars not to
mention the houses of ill repute. Sailors Paradise! Does anyone remember the
name of the guy on the left?

Photo 5

 Tulagi Island, Solomon Islands-These guys are all my Buddies from the V-3
Division. When the ship was commissioned a Seattle Brewery donated 30,000
bottles of beer. We of course are complying with their request to drink it.
Even though the island had been secured we were cautioned not to stray off
into the jungle because there were still Jap snipers active. Trust me we
stayed close to the beer and food.

Photo 6

 Radar Shack 1-31-1946 -- Better known as Combat Information Center. This was taken
after the war with a new bunch of "Boot Ensigns" man were they tough to
train. It is interesting to note that the Radar Shack was off limits to all hands.
We had an armed guard posted at the door with instructions to shoot our own men if necessary.

L-R: Bob Nordahl, Ens. Payne, George Kamiller, Robert Rainville, Tom Sahm, Merle Oatman, Ens. Pete Bowling

V-3 Division on the flight deck

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V-3 Div. May, 1945

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Down on the Deck

In the Groove

Made It


Photo 7

Tom Sahm