Collection of Jack Willer


HONOLULU - Sometime between July '45 and February '46.
The ship was in and out of Pearl Harbor several times during that period.

Can't identify many of the guys but here is a little info:

(back l-r) Cruikshank, ?, Leber, Wills

(front l-r) ?,?, McCreary (?), Scott, Willer.



(l-r) Leber, Willer, Homer Cruikshank and Marion "Tex" Wills.

THE MODERN BAR - Somewhere in Panama, 1946

GW-03 Big
SOMEWHERE IN PANAMA around March 1946 on the way from the Pacific to the South Boston Annex Navy Yard. Don't know many of these guys. I think we just ran into each other in this high class joint. I'm on the far left and I think that's Scott next to me in the back row. I think the fourth guy in the back row with his hat over his eyes is Grant Sharpe. Don't know the Ensign with his hand on the waitresses boob. Looks like we were having a good time.